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Learn how to make connections with Foodbanks & Charities

According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), approximately 22% of food waste per year in the United States comes from both restaurants and grocery stores. This can amount to 1.76 billion pounds of food wasted per year.

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Why is this essential?
Allieviate Food Insecurity

With 1 in 3 people around the world suffering from moderate to severe food insecurity, it's essential to play your part and join PlateConnect, to bring us one step closer to ending hunger.

Why should you donate?

  • Tax Write-Off
    IRS Tax Deductible
    Tax Write-Off

    If you donate to a recognized non-profit, you can be eligible to reduce your taxable income through tax-write offs.

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  • Exposure
    Be able to promote

    Get featured for donating on the testimonial section of our website and be able to generate exposure.

  • Connect
    Build Connections

    Be able to foster valuable connections with various local and national foodbanks and restaurants for future collaborations

How do you donate?

Creating An Account

Create a donor account on the PlateConnect app (available on the App Store and Google Play Store) and in your bio specify what type of food waste you are specifically dealing with

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Connect with charities

Match with a recognized non-profit (food bank and/or charity) based on location, availability, the type of food waste your company generates, and other essential factors.

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Contact charities

Once connected, contact the food bank to learn the specific process of donating there and how you can receive aid (such as by getting storage containers to place food)

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Schedule Donations

Through the app, contact one of the PlateConnect team members to schedule a time to pick up the food and deliver to the food bank, and receive your receipt in 2-5 business days for write-offs

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